Information Retrieval

A volume of various information resources available on the Internet is growing significantly in the recent years. These resources can be used by the person or group of persons in the investigation of some subject domain, particularly, during learning or scientific research. A high actuality and accessibility of the huge number of learning resources with different coverage of the subject domain, complexity levels, forms of presentation, which are focused on different learning goals and outcomes, allows to improve the efficiency of learning. In the scientific research the use of open information resources is important on the early stages of this process for study the state of the art in subject domain, identification of research problems and goals, statement of the specific research tasks and data collection. Also the scientific research process, as opposed to the learning process, is closely associated with the acquiring the new knowledge and creating the new information resources, which also should be available for other researchers, at that an important problem is the support of collaborative work of researchers.

Within the learning process there are the common educational goals for some learning groups that allows to use the common set of Open Educational Resources (OER), considering at that some individual requirements. Within the scientific researches it is possible to set some common or related goals, the achievement of these goals requires to use a common set of information resources and interaction between the researchers for collaborative creation of new information resources.

The subject domain can have rather complex structure and cover a huge set of concepts and relations between them, that complicates extremely the studying these resources by the person who is not familiar with the domain. In this case it is advisable to create a domain model during the study of the resources or to use and extend the domain models created by other persons.

So, the important and urgent problem is to automate the collaborative development of the domain information space for different subject domains. This domain information space should include the description of the subject domain structure as well as the available information resources for this subject domain.

We proposed an ontology-based approach to the collaborative development of the domain information space using the personal human cognitive spaces. In framework of the proposed approach the information space ontology was constructed, the algorithm for generation of the domain information space was developed on the base of the personal cognitive spaces using the reasoning over ontology with SWRL-rules. We considered the scenarios for the individual and collaborative creation of the domain information space, as well as the development of the domain information space on the base of the existing spaces. Also we presented the software architecture for the domain information space development including two software applications: web-application for individual and collaborative creation of the domain information space and builder of the personal electronic learning collections. The implementation of the proposed approach was illustrated by the example of information space construction for the programming languages domain.

The proposed approach is consistent with the concept of Open Science and allows to describe the structure of the domain, to integrate the distributed open scientific information resources into thematic collections and create the domain information spaces on the basis of these resources.

The proposed approach and software tools can be used in the scientific research and learning process for the open educational resources retrieval and reuse, as well as for the extending the personal cognitive spaces of the subjects of learning and research.

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  • Ontology-based collaborative development of domain information space for learning and scientific research, including the software tool development
  • Software tool for creation the domain ontologies using the ontology learning techniques