Roman Romanenko

PhD Student


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2017 (1)
  • M. Kultsova, A. Potseluico, I. Zhukova, A. Skorikov, R. Romanenko (2017) A two-phase method of user interface adaptation for people with special needs. Communications in Computer and Information Science 754 pp. 805-821. Springer Verlag. doi web bibtex
    • Abstract
2016 (3)
  • Marina Kultsova, Anastasiya Potseluico, Anton Anikin, Roman Romanenko (Nov 2016) An Ontology Based Adaptation of User Interface for People with Special Needs. In 2016 IEEE Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Conference (AINL). pp. 92-94. bibtex
  • M. Kultsova, A. Potseluico, A. Anikin, R. Romanenko (July 2016) An ontological user model for automated generation of adaptive interface for users with special needs. In 2016 7th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems Applications (IISA). pp. 1-6. doi bibtex
  • Marina Kultsova, Roman Romanenko, Irina Zhukova, Andrey Usov, Nikita Penskoy, Tatiana Potapova (2016) Assistive Mobile Application for Support of Mobility and Communication of People with IDD. In Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct. pp. 1073–1076. ACM. New York, NY, USA. doi web bibtex
2015 (1)
  • Jan Dekelver, Marina Kultsova, Olga Shabalina, Julia Borblik, Alexander Pidoprigora, Roman Romanenko (2015) Design of Mobile Applications for People with Intellectual Disabilities. In Creativity in Intelligent, Technologies and Data Science: First Conference, CIT&DS 2015, Volgograd, Russia, September 15–17, 2015, Proceedings. pp. 823–836. Springer International Publishing. Cham. doi web bibtex